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Concentrated whole food nutrition. 17 - 25 vine-ripened, juiced, dried vegetables, fruits, berries and grapes in capsules or soft chews. With 16 Published peer-reviewed primary research studies and 9 coming still, efficacy is proven. The most thoroughly researched and best selling nutritional product in the world. I market this product and build franchises with others doing the same. Note, employees below reflect my organization, not NSA at large.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness


Marketing and Building Franchises

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Jim Loretta
Virtual Franchisee at NSA / Juice Plus+
Melanie Culbert
Wellness Promoter thru Whole Food Nutrition at NSA / Juice Plus+
Susan Christophersen
Juice Plus Virtual Franchise Owner and Rep at NSA / Juice Plus+
Kimberly Worlow
Virtual Franchise Owner at NSA / Juice Plus+
Lynne Page
Inependent Distributor at NSA / Juice Plus+
Jack Medina
Professional Speaker at NSA / Juice Plus+
Hugh Garner
Director of Applications Architecture at NSA / Juice Plus+
Micki Bello
Nutritional Educator at NSA / Juice Plus+
Mary Riccio
Quality Assurance Analyst at NSA / Juice Plus+
Jackie Mears
representative for Juice Plus, fruits and veggies in a capsule at NSA / Juice Plus+

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