Always in motion At Nykredit we want to be something special to a special group of people – we get up to make life easier for homeowners. We do this by providing advice, products and digital tools adapted to the different stages of their lives. At Nykredit, the path from effort to responsibility is short. We recognise and appreciate the extra effort, ambition, determination and cooperative skills. So if you take it a step further – for the customer, for the project, for Nykredit – your career will always be in motion. Nykredit offers the opportunities of a major bank and the agility of a smaller bank, so the difference you make will not go unnoticed. Nykredit is a financial mutual, governed by its customers, and it's been like that for more than 160 years. We have over 1 million customers and some 4,000 staff. You will be working in a Nykredit that is on a journey. In particular, we want to move even closer to our customers. Therefore, your career focus should aim above and beyond yourself. We serve at the pleasure of our customers, and we will measure you by the difference you make to their finances, their dreams and their lives. We are always in motion together, and we want to make things simpler. This means that we build on the things that work and also make quite a lot of changes. So you will have ample opportunity to contribute to Nykredit's development, while your own career with us will always be moving forward. Towards new challenges, different assignments and greater responsibility at Nykredit.


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Kim T. Tutein
Chefanalytiker at Nykredit
Henrik Thostrup
Senior Acquisition Manager - Private Banking Elite at Nykredit
Henrik Jørgensen
Portfolio Manager at Nykredit
Amel Pasic
portfolio management at Nykredit
Birgitte Kæstel
Senior business developer at Nykredit
Jørn Rahn Hartmann
Senior Contract Manager at Nykredit
Finn Nielsen
Afdelingsdirektør, IT-drift at Nykredit
Mandeep Kaur
Senior IT Specialist at Nykredit

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