The activities of Olivetti, «IoT Digital Farm» of the TIM Group, are focused on constructing a suite of products and services able to provide added value for the Group and for the Market, exploiting particularly skills and assets acquired within the context of 5G. The company aims to become an increasingly integrated, strategic component of the TIM Group, positioning itself as a provider of services and products for all environments where technology and connectivity are enabling elements. Today, in fact, Olivetti adds to its portfolio of leadership in retail and office segments and consolidated experience in Internet of Things, proximity data processing/storage systems and up-to-the-minute wired, wireless and Machine-to-Machine connectivity technologies, also a range of outstanding skills in business enablement through digital innovation and evolution. Digital solutions are now available for the IoT and Data Exploitation market thanks to investments for the acquisition of state-of-the-art technologies. With regard to added value services addressing B2B, B2B2C, B2C, B2G businesses, Olivetti exploits the enabling technology provided by the fixed and mobile networks of the TIM Group, and particularly 5G technology. Strategic development focuses on the verticals: • Industry, Manufacturing & Logistics • Agriculture & Farming • Urban, Automotive & Infrastructures • Financial, Insurance & Healthcare • Retail & SOHO Amongst recent initiatives, Olivetti has signed an agreement with Confindustria Canavese and the Municipality of Ivrea - company HQ and point-of-reference for the technological hub - where Olivetti is designing a new role for itself, implementing a roadmap capable of uniting Public Administration and industry for the creation of added value. Olivetti is present commercially, directly and indirectly through a network of Dealers and Distributors, in 30 countries worldwide.


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Carla Nisio
Sales Planning & go to market, manager at Olivetti
Vincenzo Onida
Smart Retail - Canale Distributori at Olivetti
Alessandro Nardoni
Service manager at Olivetti
Luciano De Matteis
Trade Marketing at Olivetti
Fabio Visentin
Manager consultants at Olivetti
Roberto Poletti
Teacher and Manager of adult education courses at Olivetti
Manlio Tenaglia
Creative director / Marketing at Olivetti

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