Omega Test and Balance


We provide test and balance services to existing buildings, either to improve efficiency, to correct problems, or in anticipation of renovations. As we evaluate specific areas of a building, we take measurements on existing equipment to determine how it is operating with respect to the original design intent. This gives us insight as to what, if any, revisions are necessary. We will also test the existing equipment to determine which equipment may be reused and what equipment requires replacement. Omega provides the following services: * Air / water balance, Certifies sound testing. * Clean room balancing/process equipment and exhaust, class100-100,000. * Central plants. * Energy surveys and audits. * Energy management systems calibration & testing. * HVAC services and service accounts. * Indoor air quality. * Mechanical as-builds and surveys. * Operating room certification/ room pressure relations. * Preliminary engineering studies. * Smoke detector, fire smoke damper, fire alarm systems, smoke evacuation testing and certification. * Commissioning of HVAC and related systems. * Chemical, Fume hood and paint booth certification. * Room pressure relationships / Room air changes / Stairwell Pressure testing.