One Percent Realty Ltd, brokerage


Dear REALTOR Friends, it is now FREE to hang your license with us for your first year! Due to the challenges we are all facing right now, we want to help you reduce your monthly office overhead by not charging any desk/monthly/quarterly fees for one year. We will only charge transaction fees on closing with no annual deal minimum!! Every bit helps. Let's get through this together! (Limited time offer, subject to conditions) Consumers love 1% Realty because of the huge commission savings with professional service. This gives you a big advantage over the competition. As a new agent in the business, or a seasoned agent looking to do more business, with the 1% deal & national brand, you can compete against top agents for a listing and actually get it. Moreover, the more you do in that area, the more business will come. Having listings gets you more listings and clientele. The concept behind One Percent Realty is that we provide you full service but at a discount commission. For that full service on MLS® we charge just $7,950 for all homes under $700,000 (homes over $700,000 we charge 1% of the sale price + $950). We don't charge any fees upfront and collect our commission upon the sale of the home. Full-service real estate at a great commission rate! The 1% system is designed so you don't have to go looking for business, once people know how much commission you are charging they jump at the chance to list their homes for sale and listings bring buyers. Not only is your office overhead really low with our no desk fees for working agents, but you also don't have to spend a fortune in marketing yourself to get the phone to ring. Both of these add to your bottom line and place more money in your pocket. Our business model for our agents is simple. Working agents just pay $450 per deal. Our success is tied to our agent’s success, we only make money when you do. It’s a win-win!


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