Peeple is web based platform created by 2 female entrepreneurs who set out to build an app in Silicon Valley in 90 days. Peeple, changes the way we manage our reputation in a digital space. Reputation will become the newest form of currency where the best of the best get recognized and soon have access to more abundance and networks. There is a resounding need to find out who someone really is and then make personal and professional decisions about interacting with them. The world is becoming a digital village and we deserve to know who is who and how they are showing up in this world. With Peeple you can build your reputation in one place and port it with you everywhere you go. This is especially needed in the share economy and marketplaces where trust is paramount to closing the deal. Use Peeple for free and have global reputation! Character is Destiny. Reputation is Currency. Reputation for all. You can learn more about Peeple by going to our website:

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