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Peerless Saw Company specializes in making custom made circular saw bodies ready for carbide tipping in sizes from 4” to 40” in. diameter. There are other markets that Peerless sells to and they include carbide tips, steel tooth circular saw blades, etc.The Peerless Saw Company opened its doors in 1931, with a factory located in German Village, Ohio. Peerless started in business manufacturing bandsaw blades for the auto industry. Over time they eventually started to manufacture circular saw bodies for wood and metal cutting applications. Currently, Peerless is known in the market for producing one of the highest quality saw bodies available. We rely on fast deliveries and our high quality product to maintain and grow our position in the market place. There are several key components to our ability to make a high quality product in a very short time. The first and most valuable to us is having good people in our company. Our workforce has a great deal of experience and knows what it takes to get the job done right. The average tenure of our employees is well over 15 years. The next major component to our business is our exclusive heat treating process. The heat treating system at Peerless was designed specifically for our needs. It is a one piece flow system that instills great flatness into the product from the very start of the hardening process. In addition to our hardening we rely on our precision laser cutting and grinding machines to give us the flexibility to process orders through our plant more efficiently than anyone in the industry. Email - Phone - 1-800-973-3753

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