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With its 158-year history, a network of more than 12,800 post offices, a workforce of approximately 130 thousand and 35 million customers, Poste is an integral part of Italy’s economic, social and productive fabric. Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy, and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and payment services sector. The Company plays an important role in the country, making a strong contribution to the production chain and the national economy. Over the last three years, Poste Italiane has embarked on an important sustainability path, with a view to promoting the distinctive elements of its corporate strategy and turning market challenges into opportunities for the creation of value for the benefit of Italy's economic growth. The Company has set out its sustainability objectives in an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) plan, which is included in the Deliver 2022 Strategic Plan. For further information: In addition to investments in technology and innovation − and the know-how of our 140,000 men and women − Poste Italiane’s facilities, located throughout Italy, represent an asset that enables this infrastructure to play a keyrole in the processes of national growth and modernization. Becoming a part of this world means joining a large team of men and women whose skills-base, commitment and determination contribute to the attainment not only of corporate goals but also of the goals of the nation. For further information, visit this page


Package/Freight Delivery, Logistics & Supply Chain


Financial Postal and Mobile Services Insurance Information Technology

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Marianna Campobasso
Professional in Gestione del Fabbisogno Informatico at Poste Italiane at Poste Italiane
Vincenzo Castaldo
Responsabile Vendite Partner e Clienti Area Territoriale Sud at Poste Italiane
Pietro Pacini
Top Clients and Pubblic Sector Senior Sales Executive at Poste Italiane
Daniela Avelli
Business Development Manager - Digital Services & Logistics Marketing at Poste Italiane
Ignazio Vacca
Head of National Authorities Relations at Poste Italiane
Davide Orgiu
Strategic Marketing Manager CRM B2B at Poste Italiane
Silvia Pontarelli
Head of Customer Service Modelling at Poste Italiane

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