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PREZIOSO Linjebygg is a leading international provider of a range of multidisciplinary technical and engineering services, principally for the Oil and Gas and Power Generation sectors, assisting its customers in extending the life and optimising the cost of their most critical assets. We design, engineer and implement a comprehensive range of technical solutions to assist our clients in constructing, maintaining and extending the life of their industrial facilities and infrastructure. Our extensive experience in a wide-range of geographic locations, working on complex, demanding and high-value assets has helped us grow a large pool of talented and dedicated people with the best technical, supervisory and management skills, enabling us to develop and implement a full range of innovative solutions, services and products. The safety of our staff is an absolute priority for us: through dedicated programs, we have developed a safety culture to help all of us change our safety behaviour. As a consequence, we have significantly improved our safety performance over the years. To accompany our significant growth over the last few years and to keep on improving customer satisfaction, we have implemented an integrated management system through a strong risk management approach, reliable processes and improved performance. Significant milestone and major event in our history in 2016: PREZIOSO LINJEBYGG enters the ALTRAD Group, a powerful global leader in the provision of industrial services. To illustrate this evolution, a new logo is adopted: the red ALTRAD square and its famous seagull, which is now combined with the PREZIOSO LINJEBYGG brand.


Oil & Energy


Surface preparation Coating Insulation Passive gire protection Rope access Scaffolding Inspection Installation and modification projects Maintenance & repair in the splash zone Remote internal tank inspection and cleaning Asset integrity management

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Group Accounting & Tax Manager chez PREZIOSO Linjebygg at PREZIOSO Linjebygg
Samuel Courteille
Directeur des Operations Nucleaires Europe at PREZIOSO Linjebygg
Benoît Giraud
Group Financial Control Manager at PREZIOSO Linjebygg
Eugenio Miala
Assistente Juridico at Prezioso
Ian Wright
Scaffolding Supervisor/Advanced Scaffolding Inspector at PREZIOSO TECHNILOR
Maxime Lui
Responsable Coordinateur de projet Contrat EPSCC FPSO KAOMBO Nord & Sud Bloc 32 Angola at PREZIOSO Linjebygg
George Williamson
Scaffolding Superintendent. at PREZIOSO Linjebygg
Franck Métafiot
Projects & Methods Engineer at PREZIOSO Linjebygg

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