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We’re for companies that take pride in helping the world move at a smooth pace. Who see waiting and disconnected service as their arch enemies. Companies who want to humanize the experience. Qmatic Group integrates the customer experience across virtual and physical touch points with solutions delivering remarkable customer journeys that build brand consistency and loyalty. The company’s technology solutions give customers in public and private organizations across Healthcare, Government, Retail and Finance what they want – a fast and seamless journey through online and face-to-face interactions. Qmatic’s customer journey analysis software provides key data points to help organizations move quickly to stay ahead of customer expectations, staff efficiently, and put offers in front of customers at just the right time. For more than thirty years Qmatic Group has been leading and innovating customer journeys. The company operates in over 120 countries with global headquarters in Sweden, and a strong client base in North America.


Information Technology & Services


customer experience management queue management work force management customer journey management online booking systems patient flow management digital signage omnichannel integration customer feedback systems mobile queuing queue management systems Virtual Queuing

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Satish Jeram
Finance Director at ✪ Qmatic
Peter Summersgill
Implementation Specialist at Q-Matic UK
Daryl Deiters
Field Sales Executive at ✪ Qmatic
Ingénieur d'Affaires at ✪ Qmatic
Juan Lopez-Ramos Vallejo
Senior IT Project Manager at ✪ Qmatic
Isak Styf
Embedded Product Developer and Scrum Master at ✪ Qmatic
Ulrika Björkman
Group Chief Accountant at Q-Matic
Damian Ruggeri
Agente comercial at Q-Matic
Gustav Evertsson
Embedded Software Developer (Consultant) at ✪ Qmatic

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