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Sabre Industries’ culture of innovation is the driving force behind our world-class utility and telecom solutions. We are a fully-integrated provider of highly-engineered, mission-critical structures and components to the utility and telecom industries with an acute focus on efficiency, new technologies and sustainability. But, it’s how we do it that sets us apart. Our work powers the communities we live in and provides crucial electrical and communication infrastructure. To that end, the manufacturing processes we employ at our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to execute world-class solutions for our customers. We deliver these solutions through sustainable methods with recyclable American-made products. This positively impacts our customers, our teammates and communities we we serve.

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James Ruddy
President and Chief Executive Officer at Sabre Industries, Inc.
Chris Boyer
Business Development Director at Sabre Industries, Inc.
Brad Tunnell
Director Of Procurement at Sabre Industries, Inc.
Michael Carnes
Director of Operations and Quality at Sabre Industries, Inc.
Joe Commander
Director of Business Development - Tower Modification Services at Sabre Industries, Inc.

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