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Employment Services staff work with immigrant job seekers to attain employment while valuing, acknowledging and respecting them. Employers are our partners in helping newcomers find work and make Saskatoon their home. SERVICES FOR EMPLOYERS: By hiring a newcomer, employers can enhance the diversity, skills and success of their organizations by tapping into the training and experience newcomers are able to contribute to the Saskatoon labour force. We offer: 1. Recruitment Assistance 2. Post-Hiring Support 3. On-site Translation 4. Assistance in Language Skills Training 5. Workplace Cross-Cultural Awareness Education 6. Assistance with Credential Recognition for Foreign-Qualified Workers SERVICES FOR JOB SEEKERS: 1. Identify Barriers to Employment 2. Develop an Employment Action Plan 3. Guidance for Credentials Assessment and Professional Licensing 4. Develop a Resume, Cover Letter and preparation for Interviews 5. Network with Local Employers 6. Obtain access to Job Postings and Job Search Resources 7. Upgrade Skills 8. Access workplace Language Training and other EAL Training 9. Obtain Work Experience Placement


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