Value added and knowledge based distribution within IT-Security, Networking, Data Management (Storage), Voice and Industrial Network and Datacommucation. We also offer cloud solutions through the channel with highly competitive offerings within BaaS, SecurityManagementaaS, MDMaaS, Video/MeetingaaS, WiFiaaS etc. this catalogue is being continously developed as the opportunities occur. Our value added concept is highly skilled support in pre-sales, sales and post-sales. We also add value for our customers in marketing and approach to the market, enabling lead generating activities. We provide demo and POC facilities to our customers in order to facilitate sales etc. We strive to deliver above expectations and is holding the strongest port folio on the market, that is a challenge, so please try us out. Regarded the distributor in Denmark with the best customer satisfaction level of all: source IFO


Computer & Network Security


Value added and knowledge based Distribution IT Security High Performing Networking Storage Unified Communication MDM Enabling Channels Data Centers Data Networks

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Troels Brock
Chief Operating Officer at SEC DataCom A/S
Dennis Friborg
Technology Architect at SEC DataCom A/S
Hans-Henrik Jeppesen
Technical manager, BestCloud at SEC DataCom A/S
Peter Magnusson
Product and Business Manager - Voice and Video Communication at SEC DataCom A/S
Lasse Skovgaard
Chief Sales Officer & Chief Marketing Officer at SEC DATACOM Danmark
Rasmus Havsland
Technology Architect at SEC DATACOM A/S
Lars Juul Grejsen
Sales Director & Partner at SEC DataCom A/S
Nicla C. Ursin
Business Administrator at SEC DataCom A/S
Thomas Brøste
Technical Consultant at SEC DataCom A/S

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