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Silicon Line is the world leader in ultra-low-power integrated circuits and modules that enable thin, long and high performance active optical cables (AOC) for consumer electronics products – including 4K/8K TVs, video game consoles, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, industrial and medical related devices. Founded in 2005 as an IC fabless company, Silicon Line has also developed unique optical sub-assembly technology resulting in a significant reduction in production cost of AOC to a consumer market level. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Silicon Line has a facility in Hasselt, Belgium, and offices in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US.




VR Medical Industrial VCSEL Drivers Trans-impedance amplifiers (TIAs) HDMI 2.0 Serializers & Deserializers (SerDes) USB 3.1 MIPI D-PHY Display Port Active Optical Cables Optical Modules VCSEL Driver IC Transimpedance Amp (TIA) IC Serialiser / De-Serialiser IC HDMI 2.1 DisplayPort 1.4 DisplayPort 2.0 USB4 Ultra Low Power Ultra Thin Cable 4K 8K TV Gaming AR

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Mark Jakusovszky
US Business Development Manager at Silicon Line GmbH
Jerome Py
Chief Marketing Officer at Silicon Line GmbH
Thomas Blon
Senior R&D Engineer at Silicon Line GmbH
Susan Chen
Supply Chain Manager at Silicon Line GmbH
Ben Lam
Director of Sales Asia Pacific at Silicon Line GmbH
Tony Hermans
Product / Maintenance Engineer at Silicon Line GmbH
Ian Jackson
Director Sales and Marketing at Silicon Line GmbH

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