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Sime, with more than 280 employees is an international group of Companies present in Italy, Romania, Republic of Congo and with Commercial offices in France and in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). Sime provides Engineering and Management services for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, for both On & Off-shore applications like: - Process Studies - From Feasibility Studies and Basic to Front End (FEED) Detailed Engineering, - Procurement Services - On site Surveys for Green and Brown Field with laser scanning, - Service and Maintenance Engineering Thanks to some long-lasting relations with its associate company in the US, Sime can provide a wider range of services for Pipelines and Subsea. In the last two years Sime started to supply, mainly for Brown Field, skid mounted Process Packages and Modules like: - Manifolds - Surge relief valves - Pig traps - Filtering systems - Fuel gas systems - Water Injection - Single Two phase Separator (GOSP) - Test Separators (3 phase) - Gas sweetening and/or dehydration unit - Chemical Injection - Gas metering system Sime also started to develop Process Solutions especially for the brown field and now more than 10 process patents have been submitted, including Methods and apparatus for: -NGL/GPL recovery from a hydrocarbon gas in particural from a natural gas -Recovering a liquid fraction from a pressurized gas in particural hydrocarbon with 2 or more carbon atoms -Obtaining energy by expanding a gas at a wellhead -Sweetening and/or dehydrating a hydrocarbon gas from a natual gas Other Patents consist of: - A mass transfer Column -Process and equipment for separating 1,2,4 trimethylbenzene (PSEUDOCUMENE) for a mixture containing aromatic hydrocarbons -Underwater device and method for blocking outflow of a fluid like oil or gas from an underwater well -Separation of hydrocarbon families or of individual components by consecutive extractive distillations performed in a single column


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