SJ is a Swedish train operator that offers sustainable travel, both independently and in collaboration with others. As the market-leading train operator, we link Sweden together and open the doors to Scandinavia’s capitals: Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. We make it possible for many people to choose to travel by rail — the most sustainable mode of travel for longer distances. Every day, some 140,000 people choose to travel with SJ availing themselves of more than 1,200 departure times from 284 stations. We are part of the solution for meeting Sweden’s climate targets and all our trains in Sweden carry the Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) label. The Group has sales of around SEK 7.9 billion and about 4,600 employees. SJ’s own rail services are primarily long-distance comprising high-speed and night-trains as well as regional rail services between major cities in Sweden and the Scandinavian capitals. Tendered services mainly comprise shorter rail journeys for commuting to work or school within one county or region. Are you interested in working at SJ? Our market is growing and we are in the midst of an exciting phase of focused renewal and development — and we have many diverse opportunities. Click here for vacancies at SJ: (Swedish only) Click here for information on student opportunities: (Swedish only) Follow us on Instagram @resmedsj: (Swedish only)




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Piah Sydell
Customer service at SJ AB
Willy Stjernudde
Head of Information & IT-security at SJ AB
Marko Joona
Verksamhetsutvecklare Säkerhet och Beredskap at SJ AB
Lisa Axling Löpare
Partneransvarig IT Sourcing / Vendor Manager at SJ AB
Juan Arques
Middle Manager at SJ AB
Lena Klingsell
Löneadministratör/Payroll assistant at SJ AB
Ingela Dahn
Manager IT at SJ AB
Lars Hellgren
Project Leader as consultant at SJ AB
Adam Gjörling
Incident & Problem Manager at SJ AB

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