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One of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges, St. Olaf offers an academically rigorous education with a vibrant faith tradition. A St. Olaf College education develops the habits of mind and heart that enable students to embrace the challenges of a changing world, leading to lives of professional accomplishment, financial independence, and personal fulfillment. This uncommon educational experience is grounded in intellectual rigor, residential learning, global engagement, and a deep commitment to the exploration of the important questions of faith. These pillars help St. Olaf students become fully formed and actively engaged individuals prepared to make a difference in the lives of their families, friends, colleagues, and communities. Many excellent colleges provide one, two, or three of the elements of the St. Olaf experience. What makes St. Olaf unique is the combination of so many distinguishing features working together at the highest level: an intense academic program that sharpens minds, and an emphasis on a global perspective that broadens them; the vitality of a residential community that engages thoughtful people across the full range of human experiences, and a faith tradition that encourages reflection and honors different perspectives.

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Chad Wagner
Wellness Center Peer Educator at St. Olaf College
Diana Neal
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing Chair at St. Olaf College
Pa Thao
Institutional Research & Effectiveness Associate at St. Olaf College
Kay Pelletier
Research Assistant at St. Olaf College
Kevin Healy
Director of Advancement Services at St. Olaf College
Lisa Bowers
Assistant Professor at St. Olaf College

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