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Founded in 2005, Monarch Private Capital (formerly State Tax Credit Exchange) is a financial services company providing federal and state tax credit solutions to Fortune 500 companies, businesses and high-net worth individuals aimed at lowering their federal and/or state tax liabilities while supporting socially beneficial activities. Created by state and federal governments, tax credits incentivize specific business activities which government deems worthy of stimulating. MPC’s singular focus is on the structuring and placement of transferable tax credits. Since its inception, Monarch Private Capital has placed billions of transferable credits in the marketplace without the recapture of a single credit. We are a strong and stable clearing house for transferrable tax credits and tax equity credit funds which deliver customized, low-risk, tax-saving solutions to clients.

United States

Capital Markets


Tax Credit Investments Tax Liability Mitigation Federal Tax Credits State Tax Credits Renewable Energy Tax Credits Low Income Housing Tax Credits Historic & Mill Tax Credits Film & Entertainment Tax Credits Solar Tax Credits Affordable Housing Tax Credits ESG ESG Investing

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Jonathan Gross
Director of Tax Credit Finance at Monarch Private Capital
Eric Speichinger
Director of Sales, Federal Tax Credits at State Tax Credit Exchange (STCE)
Winnifred Whitner
Sales Associate, Federal Tax Credits at Monarch Private Capital
Paul Sassano
Director of Tax Credit Investments at Monarch Private Capital
Kady DeWees
Director of Business Development at State Tax Credit Exchange

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