The Bodtker Group of Companies | Groupe d'entreprises Bodtker


Mission: The Bodtker Group of Companies will strive to provide the highest quality and service with the most comprehensive array of industrial container-related products and services in Canada. We will continuously improve the value of the relationships shared with customers, suppliers, employees and the general community. Description: Entrepreneurial determination and personal integrity created The Bodtker Group of Companies. That same honest commitment to great people, great products and great service continues to drive the company today. Chosen as one of Canada's Best Managed Companies, it recently requalified for Gold Standard status for 2012. That is 5 consecutive years in a row! By developing and sourcing great products within an empowering work environment and by encouraging everyone to be their best – and delivering the best – every day, The Bodtker Group has grown into the largest packaging supplier and industrial lubricant blending and filling group in Canada. The Bodtker Group is a member of EarthMinded Life Cycle Services, and is committed to responsibly managing used industrial containers, procuring new and reconditioned/remanufactured industrial containers and reducing its environmental footprint. Our great group of companies currently consists of Great Western Containers, Nemco Resources, Can-Am Containers, Reliance Products, Jos. LeBel, Universal Drum and Vulcan Containers. Great People, Great Products, Great Service.

Packaging & Containers


Steel Drums Plastic Pails & Custom Packaging Lubricant blending and filling Drum reconditioning EarthMinded Industrial packaging containers IBCs (intermediate bulk containers)