The Discovery Group, Inc.


The Discovery Group is a partnership I own with Barbara Thompson. We offer consulting in "Personal and Relational Effectiveness at Work." One current project involves assisting a major organization in the greater Sacramento area as it transitions from one style of leadership to another. This entails bridging the culture of the founders with the new generation of a very different style which is more responsive to the values and preferences of the majority of its clients. A new employee evaluation process has been a first step to facilitating this transition. We are consulting with the red-esign and re-aligning of evaluation with mission and ongoing dynamic initiatives. Re-education and re-assignment and release of current staff is underway and part of our job is to help build a team that is interactive from one that had previously become an aggregate of isolated functions and jealously guarded its resources. There has been little fluidity in negotiating and embracing the overall mission of the organization in a cohesive manner; most of the interdepartmental contact had been competitive and protective. We will maintain an ongoing relationship with this organization as consultants who are enrolled in its success and belong with them in actively living out the mission.

Professional Training & Coaching