Thumbtribe Digital Agency


Thumbtribe is a mobile-first digital agency providing informed proximity solutions to the connected consumer in a rapidly expanding market place. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients because we know that no two clients are the same and a digital strategy that works for one probably won’t work for another. Mindful of our audience’s diversity, we build from the lowest common denominator upwards to create sites that work on everything from a Motorola V360 to a 27–inch iMac. Our goal is not only to increase reach and revenue for the brands we service, but also to design solutions that offer real value in the African context, attracting loyal, engaged consumers. We’re proud to have partnered with brands like Absa, Unilever, Clicks, Nestle, Samsung, Disney and others. We’d love to work with you to harness the power of digital. Let’s deliver your brand message to Africa together.


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