Tipser helps publishers make more money on e-commerce than on ad sales. Our BACKBONE FOR E-COMMERCE is trusted by the biggest media corporations In Europe to embed relevant e-commerce across media networks. We provide a rich inventory, checkouts and automated front end tools for running e-commerce in any platform. Tipser is a state of the art marketplace technology combining big data, real-time computing and machine learning that is able to handle large volumes of products and users and distributing the buyable content with 0 technical onboarding cost. Our system is designed to cooperate with any outbound system via universal integrations with e-com/order fulfillment systems as well as to be used in any digital environment using any web solution on the point of sale site. We think that digital publishers should be able to capitalise on e-commerce revenues with their readers still in the platform. Our solution is to scrap outbound links and make e-commerce a truly native part of media networks. Tipser is a rising Swedish tech star with commercial and technical teams operating out of Stockholm (SE), Wroclaw (PL) and Berlin (DE).


Online Media, Information Technology & Services


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Mike Sampson
Sales Director, North America at Tipser
Axel Hägg
Merchant Partnership Manager at Tipser
Matilda Gyllenhammar
Merchant Partnerships 🚀 at Tipser

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