TMC | People Drive Technology If it’s people who drive technology, it makes sense that we provide you with the best driver’s seat available. You’re the driver. So fasten your seatbelt and be prepared to have your tech-mind driven to its limit. Entrepreneurial technologists with a crush on high tech and business push innovation and creative thinking. This idea is the basis of our dedication to create the perfect environment for technologists. A setting where you’re driven to discover, to evolve and to be challenged. A place where knowledge and know-how are shared to create combined brain power. At TMC you meet likeminded enthusiasts by working on exciting projects within specialized business cells. You find creative answers to existing issues by joining TechTanks and satisfy your high-tech hunger at pizza-sessions. You work on awesome machines and co-create solutions in our Entrepreneurial Lab for clients such as Philips, ASML and TNO. At the same time, we sharpen your technical and entrepreneurial drive by providing you with the perks of our unique philosophy; Employeneurship. Join TMC and drive your career to Employeneurship.




Embedded Mechanical Physics Chemical Mechatronics Oil & Gas Electronics Civil Engineering Manufacturing Support Field Service Test & Integration Construction Technology & Business Strategy International Site Management Robotics Data Science

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Ted van Hoof
Director Nanotechnology at TMC
Remco Heijmans
Mechanical Development Engineer at TMC
Mark Kroon
Physics Consultant at TMC Physics West / Project Manager Simulation Systems at MOOG at TMC Physics West
Maarten Dobber
Senior Mechanical Engineer at TMC
Jean De Vassy
Consultant Test and Integration at TMC | PEOPLE DRIVE TECHNOLOGY

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