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Trinnov Audio is a research-focused and passion-driven company developping innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. For instance, the Trinnov Optimizer technology compensates room acoustics and speaker placements to achieve unprecedented sound precision and spatial localisation in any environment : from TV, music and film studios to commercial theaters, living rooms, home theaters and cars. We develop and manufacture high quality products in France for studios, commercial theaters and high end audio (hi fi and home theater). We also license our technologies to other brands. Our products are used in over 4000 demanding installations across the world including over 600 studios (Fox, NHK, ZDF, WDR, France Télévisions,...), almost 1000 movie theaters (UGC, CGR, Pathé Gaumond) and many highly demanding audio enthousiasts. Our extensive research has lead to five international patents.


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing


audio optimization calibration monitoring room correction room equalization audio analyzer audio meter audio supervision 3D sound immersive sound multichannel sound studios theater home TV cinema film high End hi fi

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Mike Babb
Cinema Technical & Sales Manager at Trinnov Audio
Christophe Menon
Ingénieur informatique système at Trinnov Audio
François Ernoult
R&D Hardware Engineer at Trinnov Audio
Curt Hoyt
Dir USA Operations at Trinnov Audio
Chris Royer
Pro Audio WW Manager at Trinnov Audio

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