Ufton Court Educational Trust


"I thought history was the most boringest thing and now I want to know more and more" Susie aged 10. At Ufton children and young people explore the historical and environmental world through real, hands on experiences. Ufton is an educational centre for children and young people run by the Ufton Court Educational Trust, a registered charity established in 2006, which aims to provide an inspirational historical home offering innovative and challenging experiences to young people. Over 6000 young people visit Ufton Court each year and take part in a wide range of activities. Those studying history have a unique opportunity to live in an Elizabethan House as if it were their own, to explore and discover the house’s secrets and to experience firsthand sixteenth century life. Environmental activities take children into the extensive grounds and woodlands. The hands on, exciting activities bring children into close contact with the natural world and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the countryside. Drama courses are run during the school holidays led by inspirational local practitioners. Ufton Adventure is our new ambitious project that aims to raise the aspirations of economically and socially disadvantaged children.

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