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United Utilities provides water and wastewater services to around seven million people in the North West of England supplying 3million households and 200,000 business premises. We manage the catchment land around our reservoirs to safeguard the quality of the raw water we collect and store. We then treat and deliver it to our customer's taps - around 1,500 million litres a day We also collect wastewater from our customers and surface water from roads and highways, treat it at our wastewater treatment works before returning it back safely to the environment. In order to do this we have: - 184 reservoirs - over 42,000 km of water pipes, from Cumbria to Cheshire - over 72,000 km of sewers - over 1,400 km of aqueducts - 100 water treatment works - 575 wastewater treatment works - 57,000 hectares of catchment land

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Iain Finnie
Application Consultant at United Utilities
Jonathan Braithwaite
Network Customer Inspector at United Utilities
Arthur Williams
Contract (Data Architect) at United Utilities
Duncan Cook
CSP Performance Test Manager at United Utilities
Tony McHardy
Sales Director Business Retail at United Utilities
Joanna High
Water Regulations Manager at United Utilities
John Dawson
Construction Manager at United Utilities
Ian Lawson
Resourcing Manager at United Utilities

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