Valorise FZ LLC is a UAE company incorporated in 2006. As of today, Valorise has been involved in more than 27 mobile money deployments and is willing to leverage this strong expertise to provide an end to end offering for mobile money as service. Valorise aggregates multiple technologies and multiple expertise to fulfill the end user needs. Our team combines all competencies and expertise required to have an effective impact across the whole value chain of the identified target market. Vision To secure an early opportunity launching for Mobile financial services, it needs the high level of requirements to setup a fully integrated and compliant mobile financial service has delayed all initiatives. Strong need for Mobile Money as Service with pre-established the end to end financial transaction. A centralized fully managed service to fasten time to market and address all requirements with a limited investment. Values Our customers are critical to our success. We are customer-focused and responsive, sensitive to cultural realities and driven to exceed our customers’ expectations. Quality is our signature, and we take pride in everything we do.



Mobile KYC Solution Mobile wallet as Service

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