Verdezyne is an industrial biotechnology company that is leveraging the power of biology to produce chemicals from renewable, non-food sources. We have developed technologies and are commercializing processes that create a positive impact on the environment by replacing important consumer products with sustainable alternatives, at a lower cost. We have assembled a team of top scientists from the biotechnology and chemicals industries who have, in few short years, developed the company's flagship products from concept through pilot demonstration. Our proprietary technologies use fermentation followed by unique separations techniques. It is our mission to bring to the world sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to petrochemicals.

United States



industrial biotechnology synthetic biology metabolic engineering sustainability green chemistry bio-based chemicals

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Nancy Oleski
General Counsel at Verdezyne
Kristie Quinones-Francis
Senior Research Associate at Verdezyne
Benjamin Adelstein
Director of Process Development at Verdezyne
Ting Wei Tee, PhD, PE
Fermentation Scientist II at Verdezyne
Peggy Lai
Process Development Engineer at Verdezyne, Inc.
Bill Kenealy
Sr. Director of Fermentation at Verdezyne, Inc.
William E. Radany
President and CEO at Verdezyne

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