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Vivo Team believes great leadership and strong teams aren’t born through one-off training sessions. Real change takes time. We build relationships with our clients while developing their most precious resource — their people. We use a high-touch, high-tech approach that pinpoints areas for improvement, then we cultivate teams and leaders through virtual instructor-led training. Our Vital Statistics Report™ is an industry first, providing our customers with our ‘people analytics’ that reveal unprecedented behavioral insights, which become the building blocks for achieving true transformation. Ultimately, we deliver the C-Suite the results they’re after – greater productivity and profitability. Behavioral Analytics and Reporting, Virtual Training and Development, Learning Experience Platform. Measure return on investment!


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Monika Becker
Trainer, Team Facilitator, Executive Coach at Vivo Team Development
Jim Sellner
VP Learnings & Applications, Facilitator, Executive Coach at Vivo Team Development
Renée Safrata
CIC, Workplace Productivity and Performance Expert at Vivo Team Development

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