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Vix Technology has been designing, delivering, operating and maintaining some of the world's leading transit ticketing systems for the past 30 years. With customers in 200 cities across the globe, we are passionate about providing a better customer journey for passengers. Our innovative smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems have helped make public transport more accessible and more cost effective to operate, and we continue to look ahead and shape the way transport moves for the future. Our teams launched the first smartcard ticketing system in Hong Kong in 1997, and continued the pace with the first U.S. account-based fare collection system in Salt Lake City, Utah. We work with global transit operators to help improve their passenger journey, and we’re always looking for people who share our values to help deliver our next innovative solution. With more than 650 employees in offices across 10 countries, we’re diverse, global and excited to talk to you about our commitment to improve the customer journey.


Information Technology & Services


Smart Card Payments Systems Automated Fare Collection Systems Intelligent Transportation Systems Real Time Passenger Information Systems Data Analytics

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Karel Mampaey
HR Manager SEMENA Region & Business Manager Belgium Office at Vix Technology
Grey Properjohn
Engineering Manager at Vix Technology
John Canini
Global Program Manager at Vix Technology
Dave Cadman
Technical Trainer at Vix Technology
David Purdie
Technical Specialist at Vix Technology
Francesco D'Arrigo PMP®
Project Manager- Operations Manager at Vix Technology
Saheed Khan
Senior Field Engineer at Vix Technology
Petra Dolata
Operations Manager Scandinavia at Vix Technology
Tony Smith
Head of Sales Europe at Vix Technology

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