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We are Whispr Group, We deliver actionable insights to optimize marketing, PR, product development and investment activities. We rely heavily on our 55+ local market analysts to assist our teams in our offices in New York, Stockholm, and Oslo. And we are very proud to say that we work with more than 100 global brands across a wealth of different verticals. Whether your need is global or local – we got it covered. Get in touch and put us to test!


Market Research


Social Media Intelligence Social Media Strategy Social Media Engagement Photo and Video Production Development Graphic Design and Art Direction Marketing Insights Brand Insights M&A Insights Product Development Insights Topic Insights Competitor Insights Data-driven Marketing Audience Insights Insights Partner Social Media Insights AI

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Anna Rosenkvist
Business Developer at Whispr Group
Irene Olkerud
Digital Strategist at Whispr Group
Zaid Jabar
Intelligence Manager AND Team Leader at Whispr Group
Pernilla Erdestam
Key Account Manager at Whispr Group
Jesper Dahl
Senior Intelligence Associate at Whispr Group
Fredrik Roglar
Intelligence Associate at Whispr Group
Martin Wettergren
Founder & Chief Business Development Officer at Whispr Group
Jiawen Yu
Senior Intelligence Analyst at Whispr Group

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