Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning. Our goal is to help consumers and businesses better navigate the online and offline world. Since 1997, we have delivered world-class, locally relevant search and information services. Additionally, we have developed market-leading on-demand transportation services, navigation products, and other mobile applications for millions of consumers across the globe. Yandex, which has 34 offices worldwide, has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2011.




web search machine learning artificial intelligence on-demand transportation media streaming autonomous vehicles online advertising classifieds ecommerce intelligent assistant geolocation services translation speech technologies computer vision

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Anna Buldakova
Project Manager, Fresh and Social Search at Yandex
Olga Vostretsova
Разработчик ПО at Yandex
Дмитрий Тюрин
Руководитель группы at Yandex
Nataly Chechulina
Head of category management department (Yandex Market) at Yandex
Artur Kasimov
UI Designer at Yandex
Anatoly Kanivetskiy
Business Analyst at Yandex
Marina Tsurkan
Support Manager of Distribution at Yandex
Margarita Mkrtycheva
Recruitment specialist at Yandex

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