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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Kris Peeters Owner, Wils AND Peeters Belgium
Alix Everaert CO-Founder Belgium
Johan Mandervelt CO-Owner Belgium
Annick Hus Board Member Belgium
Dubuisson Cristina CMO & member of the management board of Fimaser (Carrefour Finance Belgium) Belgium
Lieven Vangheluwe General Manager AND Owner Belgium
Babette Dehaen Board Member Belgium
Mario Schoofs Founder Belgium
Stijn Cox Company Owner Belgium
Lars Hogestol Owner Belgium
Bérénice Marcelis Personal Assistant TO Chief Executive Officer AND Chairman Belgium
Jan van Vlimmeren Product Owner E-commerce Belgium
Loïc Adam Co-Founder Belgium
Marc Wouters Founder/CEO Belgium
Niels Wouters Co-Founder Belgium
Valérie Ory Co-Founder Belgium
Géraldine Levoisin Human Resources Expert - Project Owner Green Mobility Belgium
Benoit de Lamalle Product Owner Belgium
Araik Benelux NON Executive Board Member Belgium
Eddy Renier Company Owner Belgium
Gunter Magits Owner Belgium
Ronald Wintzéus Consultant | Executive Search & Board Advisory - Energy, Industry, Technology & Corporate Affairs - Belgium
Lore Tiebout Founder Belgium
Maxence Croin Company Owner Belgium
Inge Taildeman Product Owner Professional Credits Belgium

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