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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Eli Margalit Owner and CEO Israel
Guy Hefetz Business Analyst & Product Owner Israel
Tzafrir Blonder CEO and Co-Founder Israel
Chen Asor CO-Founder AND Chief Executive Officer Israel
Uri Avis Owner Israel
Dmitry Tuchinsky Chief Technology Officer AND CO-Founder Israel
Elad Shemesh CO-Founder Israel
Eisenberg Naftali Chief Technology Officer AND CO-Founder Israel
Ofir Bardichev Co- founder & VP Product Israel
Yaniv Wacks Fpga AND Emulation Prototype Validation Systems, HW RTL AND Board Design Israel
Nisso Zamir CO-Owner Israel
Jonathan Levi Founder Israel
Lee Roy CO-Founder Israel
Nir Buschi Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer Israel
Lior Nir Owner Israel
Or Lifshitz CEO & Co-Founder Israel
Assaf David Sound Engineer- Owner AND Manager Israel
Libby Aharon Product Owner Israel
Ayal Avrech Co-Founder & CTO Israel
Erez Peleg Owner Israel
Assaf Haski Co-founder and CEO Israel
Daniel Touati Owner Israel
Elik Etzion Board Member Israel
Eyal Weinstein Co-Founder& CFO Israel
Danny Zusmanorich Owner Israel

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