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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Marco Valli Owner Italy
Barbara Gobbo Owner Italy
Bettina Banchini Owner Italy
Francesco Benanti CO Founder Italy
Achille Faienza Digital Product Owner Italy
Lucchetta Stefano CO Founder Italy
Gian Gigli Member OF THE Board OF Directors Italy
Nicola D'Este Owner AND Founder Italy
Antonino Faldetta Business owner Italy
Luciano Poggialini Owner Italy
Alexandro Sollai Founder E Giornalista Italy
Ludovica Ligresti Advisory Board Member Italy
Andrea Sicuro Owner Italy
Angela Palasciano Owner Italy
Claudio Sancinito Owner Italy
Pietro D'Ambrosio Founder AND CO-Owner Italy
Fabio Mendicino Software Analyst AND Developer AND CO Founder Italy
Dario Bergaglio Owner Italy
Salvatore Rumore Co-founder & Senior Security Engineer Italy
Oliver Weiss Product Owner System Development Italy
Andrea G. P. Berruto Founder and Consultant Italy
Claudio Giovanchelli Co-Founder & Business Development Italy
Veronica Tonin Product Owner Italy
Matteo Agostini Topics Board Editor of the "Applied Sciences" journal Italy
Nicola Cattarossi Finance Director I Board Member | M&A | Healthcare Transformation Italy

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