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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Tiago Cruz Supervisory Board President Portugal
Carlos Fernandes Board OF Directors Portugal
Pedro Domingues CO-Founder Portugal
Luis Ferreira Founder & CEO da OSHI Portugal
Miguel Nuno Owner Portugal
Hugo Reis Board Advisor Portugal
Vera Costa CO-Founder | Multimedia Designer Portugal
Mariana Macedo Architect & Founder Portugal
Todd Terry Co-founder & Managing Partner Portugal
José de Miranda Founder AND Game Architect Portugal
Vitor Gomes Owner Portugal
Jorge Gregorio Owner Portugal
Frederico Fino Co-Founder | Owner | Partner Portugal
Pure Bioclimáticas Maria DE Lurdes Santos - Owner Portugal
Rui Mateus Co-Founder and CTO Portugal
Vítor Horta Founder + Chief Executive Officer Portugal
João Neto Chairman Portugal
Carla Rebelo Board Member, CFO Portugal
João Carvalho Consulting Board Portugal
Antonio Rosado Owner Portugal
Marta Furtado Chief Executive Officer AND Owner Portugal
Pedro Almeida Founder & CEO Portugal
Nuno Guerra Finance Chair Chapter Board Member Portugal
Pedro Monteiro Owner Portugal
Pedro Marques Owner Portugal

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