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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Tobias Hindersson Founder and CEO Sweden
Göran Persson Owner Sweden
Margot Ignberg Delivery Manager AND Process Owner Sweden
Diana Tieger Development Manager/Product Owner Pulmonary Rehabilitation Sweden
Farnoush Khorasani CEO & Founder Sweden
Lars Sporrong Owner digital services Sweden Sweden
Tomas Franck Network owner Sweden
Daniel Skyle Founder Sweden
Björn Alberts Co-founder & CPO Sweden
Ola Wallberg Member of the board Sweden
Anne Kuusinen Owner Sweden
Ludvig Blomqvist Owner & Managing Director Sweden
Mia Bourgeois Founder Sweden
Robert Hackå Company Owner Sweden
Jeanette Hauff Deputy Chairman Sweden
Marie Dafgård Owner Sweden
Annika Pärson Chair & Co-founder Sweden
Anders Jackson Chairman of the board Sweden
Daniel Andersson Principal AND Owner Sweden
Magnus Johansson System owner Sweden
Anders Ricknell Working Board Member Sweden
Malin Holmberg How to kiss a frog, owner Sweden
Jie Han Senior Product Owner Sweden
Joar Ekenstam Board Member Sweden
Amanda Dehlén Chairman - Reception Committee Sweden

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