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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
George Pepelescov Owner Uruguay
Incubadora Ingenio Owner Uruguay
Jose Costa Co-Founder and CEO Uruguay
Willy Palacios Founder Uruguay
Lara Ferri Owner Uruguay
Gerardo Dolce Owner Uruguay
Gonzalo Méndez Co-Founder Uruguay
Gerardo Fonseca Owner Uruguay
Martin Daguerre Associate Founder Uruguay
Martin Garrido CO-Founder AND Creative Director Uruguay
Alexis Ros Owner Uruguay
Mauricio Nicoletti UX UI Designer / Graphic Designer / Co-Founder at Uruguay
Fabian Bargas Board Member | Former CEO Uruguay
Graziela Zunino Owner Uruguay
Bruno Eguren Product Owner Uruguay
Nicolas Varcasia Product Owner Uruguay
Dan Grunwald CO Founder Uruguay
Juan Web CEO & Founder Uruguay
Nicolas Bonome Owner Uruguay
Valentina Quagliotti CEO & Founder Uruguay
Julio Wolman Owner Uruguay
Roberto Broggi Owner Uruguay
Nadyria Maciel Owner Uruguay
Diego Nadal CEO & Co-Founder at Uruguay
Diego Ronco Owner Uruguay

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