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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Earl Gage Owner United States
Slavian Bumbu Co founder & MD/Ph.D/Senior Obstetrician-Gynecologist Romania
David Lindell Co-CEO and Founder United States
Patty Eubanks Owner United States
Justin Collier IT Advisory Board Member United States
Claire Appleton BED-Board CO-Ordinator United Kingdom
Happy Sharma Owner United Kingdom
Price Kloess Owner United States
Sam Clemons Owner United States
Lars Schmitt Product Owner Hemodynamic Measurements Germany
Laura Gwyn Owner United States
Karen Grant Board Executive Officer Australia
Sandy Schwenger Member Of The Board Of Directors United States
Margot Ignberg Delivery Manager AND Process Owner Sweden
Cadciii Chamberlain Owner United States
Kelly Barr Owner United States
Shakeel Siddique Owner Pakistan
Reese McElveen Owner United States
Richard Brown Current President AND Board Chair United States
Timothy Moore, CRCP-I Chief Executive Officer/ Owner United States
Norman Taralrud-Bay Co-Founder Australia
Michael Michalski Company Owner, H.I.S. Canada
Farnoush Khorasani CEO & Founder Sweden
Olivia Register Board Member United States
Catherine Dyck Owner/ Registered Massage Therapist Canada

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