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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Søren Olsen Founder & Partner Denmark
Mishael Reaws Owner/Managing Partner United States
Romain Regnier Founder & CPO France
John Neal CO Owner United States
Magdalena Ciopińska CO Owner Poland
William Partridge Business Owner United States
Paul Morris Owner United Kingdom
Kathy Crank Co-owner and Merchandise Manager United States
Brian Jones Business Owner United States
Thomas Martin CO-Founder United Kingdom
Jan Zederkof Owner Denmark
Gail Carpenter Owner United States
Janice & Jim Harrison owner New Zealand
Muhammad Suleman Owner United Kingdom
Gcc Cooperation Company Owner Oman
James Heathy Owner /
Joel X. Guerrero Founder and CEO United States
Philip Bouman North / South America - Owner/President United States
Lancelot Pinnock Business Owner United States
Simon Warren Owner United States
Jerry Su Owner United States
Ari Kauhanen Member of the board Finland
Tiina Hynninen IT Solution Owner, Netsuite Finland
Fabrizio Pazzi Owner Italy
Tyler Bohannon Board Member United States

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