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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Robert Sumwalt Chairman United States
Erin Thomasson Board OF Directors, Development Committee Chair United States
Hollis Blakesley Owner United States
Jane Patrick President AND Owner United States
Srinivas Chilkuri Owner India
Hans Miranda Mixed Signal Board Designer United States
Wendy Tilford Member Board OF Directors Canada
Jason Birrittier Owner United States
Sid Patten Member of the Board and Chair, Performance Committee United Kingdom
Barry Sheahan President and owner Canada
Keith Becker Board Trustee AND Treasurer United States
Amin Derakhshesh Founder Iran
Benjamin Kurata Charter Member 002, Board OF Advisors, Level 1 Lead Instructor United States
Neil Cooper Owner United States
Evelyn C. Publicly appointed Board Member Canada
Julie Velde Product Owner - Business Analyst Belgium
Kate Perkins President Board Of Trustees United States
Anthony Fletcher Executive Board Member United States
Ted Pfirrmann Owner/CEO and FFL United States
Louie Salazar Owner AND Comedian AND Actor United States
Prince Niyyar Director, Board Of Directors United States
Scott Quirarte Member Board OF Directors United States
Sal Abusalim Business Owner Canada
Carl Hawke Company Owner United States
Sally Mccauley Owner United States

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