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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Leopold Lövenskiold Chairman Norway
Andrew Yap Solution Owner Australia
Paulo Caciquinho Owner Brazil
Ryan Freeman Owner United States
Darragh Kelly Chairman Ireland
Joe Echols Owner United States
Guy Hefetz Business Analyst & Product Owner Israel
Rizwan Farouq Owner Bangladesh
Melody Smith Owner United States
Henry Castiñeiras COO - Owner United States
Basking Club Owner United States
David Tsvetanov Owner Bulgaria
Wendall Dobson Owner United States
Oleksii Horbatenkov Product Owner Ukraine
Greg Sparks Board member and Chair of audit committee Ireland
Tomas Franck Network owner Sweden
Michiel Huisamen WASPA - Board member - Wholesale Portfolio South Africa
Bob Dick President & Owner United States
Mike Clarke Owner United States
Q Tan Founder Singapore
Steven Brown Founder AND Chief Executive Officer United States
Livnat Gavriel Digital Product Owner /
Clinton Ward Owner- General Manager South Africa
Alexej Kulakov Project Owner Germany
Bérénice Marcelis Personal Assistant TO Chief Executive Officer AND Chairman Belgium

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