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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Mike Hamm Owner AND Operator United States
Adam Mostafa Co-Founder @ H2H Logistics Saudi Arabia
Scott Ruge Owner United States
Mustapha Akache Owner France
William Grojean Owner United States
Heck Otto Owner AND Operator United States
Steve Johnson Owner United States
Hadi Fouladi CO-Founder AND Chief Executive Officer Iran
Kevin Crum Owner/Operator United States
John Kelsey Owner-Operator United States
Kamal Atwal Owner operter Canada
Greg Mathes, PMP Director - Product Owner United States
Michel Binette Principal Advisor On-Board Wi-Fi Project Canada
Vida Krasauskiene Owner Lithuania
Josh Brito CO-Owner United States
Tony Stevens Business Owner United States
Lottie Linell NE Chairman United Kingdom
Rahul Talwar Owner Operator Canada
Ahmed Saeed Owner Operater United States
John Baxter Business Owner United States
Eric Larson Owner United States
Robbie Clark Engineer AND Local Chairman Blet /
John Reidinger Franchise Owner United States
Johnny Doyle Managing Member/Owner United States
Gaponova Marina Advisor TO THE Chairman OF THE Bord Russia

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