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Contact Name Contact Info Job Title Location Company Name
Phil Prosser Owner Australia
Matthew Manes Founder, Research Analyst United States
Loïc Adam Co-Founder Belgium
Mahdi Aki Chairman United States
Dan Spectra Owner Argentina
Mohamadreza Najari Board Member AND Head OF Internal Audits Iran
Dwayne Watson Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder United States
Adam Levendel Owner Hungary
Merik ✓ Director and Business Owner Netherlands
Tully Plesser Chairman United States
Ravi Jacob Owner Sri Lanka
Ginger Root Owner United States
Mathilde Nizet CO Owner France
Victor Guerrero Owner United States
Ken McArthur Executive Chairman South Africa
Mary Harris CO-Founder, Chief Operations Officer United States
Andrew Eisner Co-founder and COO United States
David Cellbrot Chief Executive Officer AND Founder Sweden
Terry Byers Owner United States
Muthu Govinda Owner United Arab Emirates
Lisa Ortega Founder United Kingdom
Drew L. Executive Chairman TKW Health Australia
George Carey Founder and CEO United States
Sakariah Jacob Owner United States
Fabrice Poulin Managing Director & Founder France

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