10 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters in 2023


According to a LinkedIn survey, it appears that the typical duration of the recruitment process spans 36 days. Within this timeframe, HR professionals face a challenging array of responsibilities as they seek, evaluate, and onboard prospective candidates. The complexity of this role can be streamlined when recruiters possess some clever tools.

These tools refer to exclusive Chrome extensions tailored for a variety of purposes. Let's delve into this blog to explore further information about ten Chrome extensions meticulously crafted for the needs of recruiters.


It helps you get best-fit talent recommendations in seconds. Automate your recruitment efforts and reach the right candidates faster.

AroundDeal TalentAI, this tool is one of the features in the AroundDeal Extension, powered by ChatGPT, and it works on LinkedIn. It boasts a database of over 120 million global contacts and can automate your candidate sourcing process.This tool is very handy and offers two easy-to-use methods. The first method allows you to use it on the LinkedIn Jobs page.

The second is that you need to manually enter or upload a JD.

Whichever method you use, you can quickly receive automatic recommendations for the most suitable candidates by analyzing your job descriptions and requirements with just one click.

Once you've obtained a shortlist of ideal candidates, you can further unlock all contact information of candidates, including email, phone numbers, company information, and more.

With AroundDeal's TalentAI, finding candidates takes only seconds. This simple and user-friendly tool allows you to get started for free. Try it for free now!


HireEZ is a comprehensive recruitment automation tool that equips recruiters with the capabilities needed to simplify their hiring efforts. One of its standout features is its ability to extract candidate data from various platforms, including LinkedIn. Moreover, it ensures GDPR compliance in the process, which is crucial in today's data privacy landscape.

HireEZ goes beyond sourcing by offering features like automated messaging and custom workflows. The power of artificial intelligence is harnessed for sourcing, making it easier to identify top candidates. With HireEZ, the hiring process becomes more efficient, and recruiters can engage and manage candidates effortlessly.

Indeed Recruiter Extension

The Indeed Recruiter Extension is an essential tool for recruiters. It seamlessly integrates with your Indeed Recruiter account, making candidate sourcing and job posting management a breeze. You can search Indeed's vast resume database with advanced filters, send messages, and receive real-time notifications, streamlining your hiring process.

For recruiters relying on Indeed, the Indeed Recruiter Extension is a time-saver. It offers quick access to candidate information, advanced search capabilities, and simplified communication through direct messaging. With candidate notes and real-time notifications, it helps keep your recruitment efforts organized and ensures you're always up to date on candidate responses and job applications, making it a valuable addition to your recruitment toolkit.


Snov.io is a must-have Chrome extension for recruiters, particularly for those who want to improve their email outreach efforts. Snov.io is primarily a lead generation and email finder tool, but it goes beyond just providing email addresses.

With Snov.io, recruiters can locate email addresses associated with candidate profiles on various platforms, boosting their chances of establishing direct contact. Additionally, the extension offers email verification, ensuring that the email addresses you find are accurate and reducing the risk of bounce-backs.


Hunter is a well-known email-finding tool that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. It's an invaluable extension for recruiters who rely on email as a primary means of communication. Hunter enables you to quickly find email addresses associated with candidate profiles, making it easier to initiate direct contact.

In addition to email discovery, Hunter also provides email verification services, ensuring the accuracy of the email addresses you collect. This helps in maintaining a clean and effective candidate outreach process.


Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to streamline the process of building a robust network of potential candidates. Recruiters can use this extension to expand their connections and engage with potential candidates efficiently.

Dux-Soup offers features like personalized messages and campaign tracking, which makes candidate outreach more effective and personalized. It automates the process of visiting profiles and sending connection requests, saving recruiters time and ensuring that their outreach efforts are more targeted.


InTouch is a Chrome extension that serves as a CRM and lead management tool tailored specifically for recruiters. It simplifies the tracking of candidate interactions and notes. With InTouch, you can maintain a unified view of all communications with potential candidates, making it easier to manage relationships and maintain a clear overview of your talent pipeline.

This extension is a valuable asset for recruiters who need to keep tabs on their interactions, ensuring that no important details slip through the cracks. It streamlines the recruitment process and provides a holistic view of candidate engagement.

Lead Connect

Lead Connect is a LinkedIn automation tool that streamlines the process of finding and connecting with potential candidates on the platform. It simplifies the outreach process by automating connection requests and follow-up messages.

With Lead Connect, recruiters can establish a more substantial network of candidates on LinkedIn, enhancing their chances of finding the right fit for a role. It is especially valuable for building connections with passive candidates who might not actively seek job opportunities.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management tool tailored specifically for recruiters. This Chrome extension enhances the efficiency of recruitment teams by providing tools for tracking candidates, jobs, and communications.

One of its standout features is workflow automation, which simplifies the process of managing the recruitment pipeline. Recruiters can easily track the progress of candidates and jobs, ensuring that the hiring process remains organized and efficient.

Hello Talent

Hello Talent is a talent sourcing and recruitment platform that emphasizes collaboration within recruiting teams. The Chrome extension simplifies the process of sourcing candidates from various platforms, including LinkedIn.

One of its standout features is its ability to share potential candidates with team members, enhancing collaboration among recruiting teams. By centralizing candidate data and streamlining communication, Hello Talent optimizes the hiring process and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to potential candidates.

Updating your recruiting toolbox for 2023 can help you work better in the fast-paced world of hiring. These Chrome extensions offer useful features for recruiters, whether you're finding candidates, handling emails, or managing your tasks.

Recruiters have a lot to do, and you need to work quickly while being effective. Chrome extensions can help you work faster by automating tasks and keeping you organized, no matter how much you have to do.
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