Build Automated Sales Engagement Processes

AroundDeal Engagement automates email outreach for sales, accelerating the sales process and maximizing productivity to help you achieve your goals.

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Better Outreach Means More Buyers

Use AroundDeal Engagement to take your business to the next level.

Drive more pipelines

Build a personalized buying journey for your prospects using our automated, customized, and multi-channel salesflows. Act faster towards the right buyers to drive more pipeline growth.

Increase sales productivity

Leverage automation, intelligence, and collaboration all in one place to streamline the sales cycle. Accelerating sales efficiency is no longer a dream.

Build collaborative teams

AI-based analytics can help you track and understand the critical metrics of sales processes. Let revenue managers look deeper at actual world data and empower the average rep to match the highest level.


Sales Automation

Build Efficient Salesflows, Reach Out Automatically

AroundDeal provides several automated sales sequences along with customized email templates. You can edit suitable automated salesflows, add personalized touchpoints, and run A/B tests. Automate and optimize your communication, save precious time and accelerate your deals' completion.

  • Personalization
  • Use pre-defined snippets to build account-based workflows that help deliver personalized engagement and get responses promptly.

  • Templates
  • AroundDeal offers many pre-designed email templates. We handle the little things so your sales team can have more time to focus on selling.

  • A/B tests
  • Find the winning version with better open and click-through rates, so you can continue to optimize your prospecting messages.


Multi-channel Prospecting

Get Noticed, Get Replies and Get Into Conversations

Surviving with a single-channel strategy is a thing of the past. Leverage multi-channel, multi-step prospecting activities with AroundDeal, including automated emails and reminders for LinkedIn connections and other tasks on social media. Be where your buyers are, and engage them to create relevance before booking a formal meeting.

  • Auto / Manual Email
  • AroundDeal supports both auto and manual email options. You can either automate your emails and send them efficiently at scale or you can also create personalized manual emails to send out.

  • LinkedIn
  • Use real-time reminders to further connect with your prospects on LinkedIn on top of automated emails.

  • Generic Tasks
  • Simplify any generic task follow-up by setting up reminders that will help you complete relevant actions on time.


Analytics & Reporting

Make Actionable Decisions with Deep Analytics

Our detailed analytics gives you a deeper understanding of your sales activities, like open rate, reply rate, click rate, and more, all instantly synced to your CRM. You can access real-time actionable insights to optimize your prospecting messages and timing. Remove the guesswork from your sales strategy.

  • AI-generated insights
  • Generate sales insights by tracking buyers' responses to your sales engagement to make better decisions on optimizing every customer touchpoint.

  • Team analytics
  • Help sales managers view your team's performance and prospecting results and identify the best sales and their actions.

  • CRM sync
  • Sync all email performance data with your CRM, such as responses and prospects' status... Empower your CRM database with AroundDeal real-time information.

Hear Stories Like Yours!

See why more than 100,000 companies and individuals trust AroundDeal.


6x Increase in Target Company Contacts

With the goal of expanding their presence in the Vietnamese market, Fortive opted for a targeted approach and utilized our solution and database's capabilities for targeted company prospecting and high-quality leads generating.


Increase in Sales Leads


Efficiency Boost in Lead Acquisition


Quickly Complete Orders within a Month

With the help of AroundDeal, Tunbow can efficiently obtain the information of the target company's procurement leaders and executives, quickly get dozens of inquiries and close 2 orders within the first month of use, shortening the sales cycle by 30%.


Marketing ROI improvement


Deal customers in the first month


Morgan Philips Collected 5X Survey Responses

With AroundDeal Cold Email Outreach Service, Morgan Philips collected 292 responses in 7 days during the campaign, which achieved a 500% increase in survey responses.


Increase in survey responses


Targeted contacts reached


Improve Lead Acquisition Efficiency by 100%

Liquidity Services leveraged AroundDeal to efficiently expand the contact list of target companies in the Asia-Pacific region, greatly improving the efficiency of customer acquisition in the Asia-Pacific region.


Efficiency in acquiring leads increased


Number of leads gained per month

Find Leads in 1 Click

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