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Huawei Cloud APAC Partner Leadership Summit 2023 was grandly held in Bali, Indonesia from February 22nd to 24th. The conference was themed “GO TOGETHER, GROW TOGETHER” and brought together hundreds of enterprises from the Asia-Pacific region, as well as representatives from Huawei Cloud’s senior management, partners, and industry leaders, to jointly share and explore development strategies and best practices for the Asia-Pacific market.

AroundDeal, as one of the outstanding partners of Huawei Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region, was invited to participate in this grand event and was honored with the “Digital Enterprise Software Partner of the Year” award for 2022, which not only reflects the deepening cooperation between AroundDeal and Huawei Cloud but also demonstrates the comprehensive recognition of industry experts for AroundDeal’s contribution to the global growth capability of enterprises.

With the continuously deepening cooperation between AroundDeal and Huawei Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region, this year AroundDeal officially launches an Asia-Pacific business expansion solution. It provides massive customer leads information in the Asia-Pacific region, combined with Huawei Cloud’s powerful partner resources, to jointly help enterprises accelerate their landing in the Asia-Pacific market.

Existing Problems in the Asia-Pacific market

With the continuous upgrading of industrial levels, Asia enterprises have started to expand their foreign demand and integrate with the global market. As the most active region in the global economy, with the largest population and a relatively close Asia cultural circle, the Asia-Pacific region is a priority choice for many enterprises to try to expand their overseas markets for global growth.

However, compared to developed markets such as Europe and the United States, the current commercial information channels in the Asia-Pacific market are still immature, and business teams have difficulty obtaining key information such as target customers’ ranks, contact information, and main business on a scalable level. This results in higher customer acquisition costs for enterprises, and the need for offline team deployment to expand customers through local connections, leading to higher operating costs.

The Launch of Asia-Pacific Business Expansion Solution

To help enterprises address these above problems, AroundDeal has launched the Asia-Pacific business expansion solution, providing a comprehensive marketing and sales solution from online multi-channel precision customer acquisition to offline dealer networks. This helps enterprises complete from 0 to 1, land in the Asia-Pacific market faster and achieve success.

“The Shortest Path” for Enterprises to Land in the Asia-Pacific Obtain accurate customer leads

Sales Solution: Say goodbye to inefficient customer acquisition and focus on following up with high-quality leads.

In the initial customer acquisition phase, with the help of AroundDeal Prospector, accurate customer leads and their contact information can be quickly obtained through target profiling, company lists, or LinkedIn / official website browser Chrome Extension. This data can be applied to email sequences, LinkedIn expansion and other scenarios with multiple channels and touchpoints to accelerate lead conversion.

In the phase of business opportunity conversion, AroundDeal Enrichment can be used to instantly update the customer information in the CRM and expand multiple decision-making contacts to accelerate the purchasing decision-making process.

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Market Solution: Say no to vague customer profiles and low-quality leads, and make targeted marketing investments.

According to the target portrait or company list, create the contact list of potential customers in batch within minutes, use the enterprise mailbox for email sequence and the personal mailbox for targeted placement, and then combine with social media interaction and telephone communication, etc., to get 10 times more customers with the original budget through a multi-channel combination!

Additionally, AroundDeal Visitors can be used to convert website traffic into high-quality leads, while AroundDeal Enrichment can be used to complete the information of lead generation forms, thereby improving overall marketing conversion rates.

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And a solution for recruiters.

Customizing Exclusive Marketing Programs

Online Mall: Brand endorsement enhances trust, and traffic boosts brand recognition.

By listing their products and services on HUAWEI CLOUD KooGallery, businesses can benefit from the endorsement of the Asia Pacific Huawei Cloud brand and its large user base, increasing their business conversion rate while gradually building their brand awareness in the Asia Pacific market.

Offline channels and sales networks: Customize marketing plans and resources to accelerate business landing.

The offline channels and sales teams provided by the Huawei Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region cover multiple countries, providing important support for businesses to land in new markets. Professional sales teams can provide personalized and customized marketing plans based on local market conditions and product characteristics, through various offline activities, promotion channels, sales teams, etc., to help companies establish reputation and business relationships in new markets and accelerate business conversion.

Case Sharing: AroundDeal’s Business Landing in the Asia-Pacific Market

AroundDeal is not only the initiator of the Asia-Pacific Business Expansion Solution, but also a deep practitioner of the solution itself.

After joining the Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud partnership, AroundDeal is not only featured on the home page of KooGallery as the main star product. Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud also designed exclusive landing pages and promotion plans to bring more exposure and business conversion opportunities for AroundDeal, reflecting Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud’s recognition of AroundDeal’s ability and solutions to provide efficient customer acquisition.

As the cooperation with Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud continues to deepen, AroundDeal also further focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, tilting its arithmetic power to deeply tap into the massive enterprise and contact data in Asia-Pacific and neighboring countries, accumulating data capabilities in the process and empowering global enterprises to layout the Asia-Pacific market. Now, AroundDeal has comprehensively surpassed its North American friends in Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, and other regions.

As an excellent partner of Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud, AroundDeal and Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud discussed and formulated the 2023 promotion plan together, including analyzing the SWOT and brand strategy of AroundDeal in depth and formulating the best promotion strategy and target.

Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud provided AroundDeal with sales and promotion support covering online and offline channels, online through AroundDeal’s corporate, contact and business intelligence data to promote AroundDeal and other partners through email and digital channels, and offline through events and resource links to help AroundDeal’s solution and brand quickly offline through events and resource links to help AroundDeal’s solutions and brands quickly land in the Asia-Pacific market. This active partnership allows both companies to leverage their respective strengths and explore new market opportunities together, creating more opportunities for business development and brand promotion.

In the future, AroundDeal will also continue to deepen the cooperation with partners such as Asia-Pacific Huawei Cloud, discuss in depth, continue to innovate, explore new business models, improve product value and user experience, provide global enterprises with better data capabilities and data services, more comprehensive and efficient overseas customer acquisition solutions, and help enterprises achieve global growth!

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