Exciting News! AroundDeal Excels in 2023 CHINA AIGC TOP 100 by Unique Capital!


January 24, 2024 - Global B2B Data Intelligence Platform - AroundDeal has been awarded the title of 2023 CHINA AIGC TOP 100 by Unique Capital.


As one of the most transformative technologies in the world today, AI is profoundly changing the operations of various industries and sectors, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to human society. 


Against this backdrop, Unique Capital, a professional investment institue focusing on the globalization of the AI field, launched the "AIGC TOP 100" event in 2023 to discover high-potential AI applications in China, empowering the high-quality development of the AI industry.


“We're all about the magic of Data-Driven Growth strategies! As the world gets a taste of AI's incredible power, AroundDeal is right here, leading the charge in AI-Powered Data Services for Business Growth.”


Bill Huang, Founder and CEO of AroundDeal


"Data + AI" is empowering global business growth. AroundDeal has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of "Data + AI" technology to accelerate growth speed. Through continuous research and innovation, we offer cutting-edge "Data + AI" products and services to users worldwide, assisting our clients in achieving greater business success.

The recognition of AroundDeal in the 2023 CHINA AIGC TOP 100 is attributed to our outstanding innovation in global business data volume and quality, data-driven growth methodologies, and the empowerment of ToB AI applications through data. This has played a significant role in advancing the commercial application of "Data + AI."


About AroundDeal 

Established in 2020, AroundDeal is globally recognized as a leading B2B data intelligence platform in the Asia-Pacific (APAC), trusted by over 100,000 customers and users worldwide. 

Our database includes over 120 million contacts and 30 million companies, providing comprehensive and accurate data such as emails and phone numbers, along with valuable company insights data. 

AroundDeal not only provides data but also offers an intelligent platform. Our aim is to help marketers, sales reps, and recruiters in quickly finding and connecting target contacts, evaluate the competitive environment, obtaining high-value business intelligence and growth opportunities. 

About AIGC100

This special honor by Unique Capital aims to evaluate and showcase the most promising AI application enterprises in China. It selects 100 advanced enterprises deeply involved in AI applications across various sectors, including education, healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, manufacturing, entertainment, and more. These companies not only possess excellent AI technology and products but also have sound business models and societal value, making them outstanding leaders and pioneers in the AI industry.

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