Hiring on LinkedIn Made Easy with AI Sourcing from AroundDeal

LinkedIn has long been recognized as a powerful platform for recruitment, connecting employers with talented professionals from around the world. However, the process of finding the right candidates amidst the vast sea of profiles can be daunting and time-consuming.

Whether you're a recruiter, headhunter, HR professional, or business owner, join us on this journey to discover how AI sourcing from AroundDeal TalentAI can simplify and optimize your hiring efforts on LinkedIn. Get ready to unlock a new level of efficiency, precision, and success in finding top talent for your organization.

Introducing AroundDeal TalentAI

We are excited to announce our new feature - TalentAI for AroundDeal Extension! TalentAI combines the power of ChatGPT, LinkedIn and AroundDeal global contact database to make sourcing and recruiting on LinkedIn easier.

Please watch the video about AroundDeal TalentAI by clicking on this link.

Now, our Extension users can effortlessly convert job requirements into a shortlist, access best-fit talent recommendations and their contact info within seconds. Stay one step ahead of others by establishing meaningful relationships, all through TalentAI.

AroundDeal TalentAI is an AI sourcing intelligence platform that gathers information from AI algorithms, machine learning, human intelligence and AroundDeal global B2B database. Armed with AI sourcing intelligence—like meticulously prepared job research, industry job market research, candidate sourcing and shortlisting, candidate screening - recruiters can effortlessly access best-fit talent recommendations and their contacts.

"AroundDeal is bringing the simplest and most efficient recruiting solution to the market, contributing to a more efficient, data and ai-driven, and effective recruitment process.", says AroundDeal CEO & Founder, Bill Huang.

Why AroundDeal TalentAI

Faster Hiring than Others. Achieve Faster Hiring Results with AroundDeal. Streamline your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge by establishing meaningful relationships ahead of others. On average, recruiters using AI-powered platform are able to fill positions up to 30% faster than their counterparts. Don't let valuable time slip away during the hiring process.

Reach Candidates Where They Are. No more switching between tools to gather accurate candidate information. AroundDeal TalentAI is seamlessly integrates into LinkedIn and Chrome Extension and Edge Extension so that you can effortlessly access all you want as part of your existing talent sourcing and recruiting workflow.

Access to 120 Million+ Profiles. With AroundDeal, you don't have to spend countless hours searching for contact information of ideal candidates across multiple sites. You can directly initiate meaningful conversations using AroundDeal's global database, which includes over 120 million business emails and phone numbers. Access their complete profiles, including their current job information, contact details, skills information, and more.

How to Use AroundDeal TalentAI?

It Works on AroundDeal Extension!

Find Best-Fit Talents, powered by ChatGPT. With AroundDeal TalentAI, you can input your job requirements or use the description from LinkedIn Jobs to generate a shortlist of candidates who closely match your recruiting needs, including their core skills, experiences, locations, and more. Choose from a database of hundreds of millions of business professionals, and identify and prioritize their key information to meet your specific needs, and all within seconds.

For example, let's take a look at how to do it step by step. We'll try to use it to help Meta company find candidates for the "Product Manager position in New York, USA."

1.Input the job description (jd), and then click on "sourcing candidates."

2.A list of recommended candidates matching the job description will appear.

3.Next, if you find a candidate you're interested in, you can click on "view profile."

4.Finally, if you want to unlock the contact information of the target candidate, including their email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link, simply click on the "show contact" button to get it all in one click.

(From locking onto the target to establishing contact, the entire process takes just a few minutes.)

It Works on LinkedIn Jobs Page!

In addition to inputting a job description, AroundDeal TalentAI also works on the LinkedIn Jobs page. By simply opening any job page and clicking the embedded 'AI sourcing' button provided by AroundDeal, you can receive talent recommendations that match your requirements directly.This saves you time in adding new job requirements, as you can find job pages that already meet your needs and utilize AI sourcing with just a click.

It Smart Recommendations!

When you click on "AI Sourcing," after job analysis, a series of matched candidate lists will appear. It will prioritize recommending candidates with the highest matching degree to the job requirements. However, if you are not satisfied with the list or find it unsuitable after contacting, you can click "Load More" to get more candidate recommendations.

View Sourcing Historical Records Anytime!

In addition, AroundDeal TalentAI also allows you to view historical records at any time, especially when you have multiple positions. You can use its history records to easily check the recommendation lists for each position without the need for repetitive actions.

The above is its main functionality, with a focus on being simple and convenient to use.

Leverage AroundDeal Best-In-Class Contact Database

When it comes to finding and connecting with top talent, having a reliable and extensive contact database is of paramount importance. Without it, even if you screen a list of potential talents, you may still struggle to engage with them and build deeper relationships.

This is where AroundDeal truly shines with its exceptional contact database, boasting over 120 million business contacts and company information. We pride ourselves on a 95% accuracy guarantee, ensuring that the information you access is reliable and up-to-date. But don't just take our word for it. AroundDeal has garnered an impressive reputation, receiving a high score of 8.9/10 on G2crowd. Our satisfied users consistently praise the effectiveness and reliability of our contact database in their talent acquisition efforts.

Furthermore, AroundDeal offers an automation and intelligent engagement platform. Once you have generated a shortlist of top-fit candidates, you can seamlessly add them to your candidate list and initiate automated email engagements with them. Say goodbye to manual labor and let the power of AI and automation tools set you free!

"A big thanks to thousands of recruiter volunteers who have been involved in design improvements and provided deep insights into the recruiting process.“ ,said by AroundDeal Product Team.

AI sourcing has revolutionized the recruitment industry, We recommend that recruiters embrace data-driven strategies and leverage AI-powered tools such as AroundDeal to streamline their recruitment processes. With AroundDeal's TalentAI, finding candidates takes just seconds. It's a simple and user-friendly tool to get started with for free.

Say goodbye to long and tedious searches and hello to an easy and effective AI sourcing solution. With AroundDeal TalentAI, you can confidently improve your talent acquisition strategies.

Install the AroundDeal Chrome Extension or Edge Extension, and receive 5 free AI sourcing requests + 3 free contact credits to kickstart your AI sourcing journey on LinkedIn today! Don't miss out on this incredible free surprise exclusively for new users!
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