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Company Industry Location Employees
IT Services and IT Consulting United States Over 10,000
Public Policy Offices France Over 10,000
Government Administration Mexico Over 10,000
IT Services and IT Consulting United States Over 10,000
Telecommunications United States Over 10,000
Banking United Kingdom Over 10,000
Construction India Over 10,000
Retail, Retail Groceries France Over 10,000
Broadcast Media Production and Distribution / Over 10,000
Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing Indonesia Over 10,000
Defense and Space Manufacturing United Kingdom Over 10,000
Armed Forces United States Over 10,000
Design Services, Education Administration Programs / Over 10,000
Banking Brazil Over 10,000
Food and Beverage Manufacturing Finland Over 10,000
Freight and Package Transportation Indonesia Over 10,000
Truck Transportation United States Over 10,000
Hospitals and Health Care United States Over 10,000
Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing Canada Over 10,000
Education Administration Programs United States Over 10,000
Human Resources Services / Over 10,000
Financial Services, Wellness and Fitness Services, Consumer Services, Insurance China Over 10,000
Banking Brazil Over 10,000
Insurance / Over 10,000
IT Services and IT Consulting Brazil Over 10,000

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